Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) Community Survey

Welcome! Thank you so much for agreeing to take part in the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) Community Survey. CEMA is an agency of The City of Calgary.

CEMA wants to understand how prepared you are for an emergency or disaster in Calgary. We are particularly interested in knowing how newcomers, older adults, Racialized communities, people with disabilities and urban Indigenous community members find and act on information related to disasters and hazards in Calgary. This information will be used to build a new emergency preparedness program, Ready Calgary, that better meets the needs of those most vulnerable to the disaster risks and hazards in Calgary.

The collection of this information is authorized under Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the privacy protection provisions of that Act will protect it. If you have any questions about the collection or use of this information, please contact samantha.burdett@calgary.ca.

All responses to this survey are anonymous. If you’d like to submit your name for a chance to enter a draw for one of ten $50 gift cards, there will be an opportunity for you to share your contact information at the end of the survey.

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