Thank you for your interest in taking part in this survey, which is being conducted by researchers at the University of Calgary, in partnership with The City of Calgary. The purpose of this survey is to gather information from Calgarians about their experiences with and perspectives on the short-term rental market. Your participation will enable us to:
  • Gain insight on the nature of Calgary’s short-term rental market;
  • Understand local attitudes about short-term rentals;
  • Learn about experiences individuals, families, and communities have had with short-term rentals in Calgary; and
  • Identify challenges and opportunities going forward.
This work forms part of a larger research project on Calgary’s short-term rental market, supported by Calgary’s Council Innovation Fund. As a result, data collected through the survey will also guide future stages of research focused on policy and regulatory reform and may be used in published public policy research on Canada’s short-term rental market. 
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